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GWe have specialized crews working for you in areas of expertise so that you get the best possible service available. At Land Steward Enhancements we have a few divisions. You have now entered the landscape division page. You may wonder why we have different divisions. We do this so that the crews working for you specialize in that area of expertise so that you get the best possible service available. Our Landscaping Division takes care of a variety of services:

Landscape Design

Refer to the Creative Design link to find out more!

Landscape Installation/Softscaping

We will work with you to on your landscaping to install either your design or another company’s design or our design.

Spring and Fall Cleanups

Have your yard tidy and trimmed. Land Steward Enhancements will make sure your plants, trees, and shrubs get all the attention they need and deserve so that you have a spectacular looking property.

Water Feature Installations

Adding a pond or pondless water feature to your landscape will attract wildlike, and add an element of tanquility to your everyday life. Refer to our water feature page to find out more.

Pruning and Trimming

We will trim and prune your trees and shrubs for you.


A skid loader makes spreading topsoil effortless.

Lawn Installations

Professional seed and sod lawns available. Call to set up an appointment and get your same day estimate.

Mulch Installation

Do you have 1, 5, 10, or even 100 yards of mulch that need to be put into areas on your property? No problem for our efficient crew to get it done without you wasting your weekend. Call (920) 893-9908 for a quote on mulch installs by the yard.


We will work with you to install our design, your design or another company’s design. Land Steward Enhancements is fully insured and our team is capable of completing your residential or commercial property needs. We will install our design or yours. Whether you have a new property or would like to have your home revamped to a fresh new look we will make it all possible. Let us help you create an outdoor living space to enjoy with your family and friends. For timeless enhancement to your property call for your appointment today.

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I continue to get compliments on all our outdoor improvements, which add value, utility, and beauty to my home. I heartily recommend Land Steward Enhancements LLC to anyone looking for that lost art of providing personal service at a fair price.


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