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At Land Steward Enhancements we want to keep your property looking its best!

Whether you have a small yard or a large commercial property, we can take care of all your maintenance needs. Our maintenance programs can be tuned to your specific needs and budget.

Do you enjoy taking care of your yard but feel as though it got out hand? We can do a one-time cleanup and pruning to get your yard back in shape. This will make it manageable for you through the season, as well as give you the time to have fun doing the things you enjoy. Below is a list of maintenance services we offer but are not limited to.

Tree/Shrub Pruning and Removal

Land Steward Enhancements prunes shrubs and trees under 25 feet. A properly pruned tree and shrub will not only enhance its beauty, but it will also help to keep it healthy. In addition, we offer shrub or tree stump removal services if under 25 feet. Ask us about our referral list for large tree removals.

Weekly Lawn Care

We will put you on a schedule to have your lawn cut, trimmed, and leave your property cleaned up afterwards. We keep our customers lawns on a schedule of how they grow. During dry periods, we cut every ten days instead of seven. We are in the business of cutting lawn not dirt. This also gives you the security of not being taken advantage of.

Inter Seeding/ Slit Seeding Existing Lawns

For those patchy, thin looking lawns, introduce new disease resistant grass blends into your existing lawn.

Lawn Fertilization Programs

Have your lawn look like lush green carpet with our special blend. We offer both four- and five-step programs. Take advantage of our over the phone estimate. Call (920) 893-9908 and give us your approximate property square footage. If you are pleased with the price, we will then come to measure and give you an exact price.

Core Aeration

We will remove small cores of soil and grass to allow air, water, and nutrients into the root zone of the lawn.

Thatching Lawns

When you have more than ½ inch of thatch, this is when you should have this service provided. Thatching loosens the thatch to allow in fertilizers and water.

Bed Weeding

A lot of people dread this job. We will do it with a smile! We offer this option as often as you would like. We also suggest alternative weed killers, barriers, and mulching options to cut down on those unsightly weeds that are messing up your beautiful plantings.

Mulching Beds

We will deliver (if needed) and spread any amount of mulch that you would like.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Got a ton of leaves? We will remove all of it and more with our Spring and Fall Cleanup Services. We will get your perennials, shrubs and trees ready for all seasons with proper pruning and trimming.

Snow Removal and Salting

We offer snow removal and salting for commercial, condos, apartments and residential homes. We clear and salt parking lots, driveways, and walkways. All of our contacts are signed by late summer/early fall. Please call ahead to get your free estimate. All of our drivers have a schedule to maintain to give our customers top service. You are able to call however to have a onetime removal done, in which case, it will be done after the contracted customers.

We strive to be a full service company to give you every option available in  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

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We had Land Steward Enhancements do our Fall cleanup, as well as our lawn care all Summer. The cleanup was great, as they went beyond what we expected. The crew trimmed every tree, shrub and plant that was appropriate. They took every last scrap with them which impressed my neighbors.

Our lawn has never looked better as I also took advantage of the five step fertilizer program throughout the year. They cut it when it needed it, not like some companies that come and cut whether you need it or not. Without a question, we are signing on for this year as well!

David B.

Sheboygan, WI