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Water Features

The sound of water soothes our stressful days!

What is some of the fondest memories we have as children? Bet it had to do with water! Whether it was wading in a stream, going fishing, or standing on a dock and watching the fish, people find water fascinating.  Water is a natural attractant. With the addition of a water feature to your yard, you will be amazed by the dragon flies, butterflies, frogs and birds that come for a drink. The sound of water soothes our stressful days!

Water Feature Types

There are different types of water features. You can have a small pond with a waterfall, a large pond with a waterfall or a river bed, or a pondless water fall which has very little maintenance.

Have Stuart our “Wild Water Designer” meet with you to design your very own water feature. Call (920) 893-9908 for an appointment.

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Having a water feature installed close to our patio was the best investment we made this year. Stuart created an inviting, relaxing backyard haven for the whole family to enjoy. We never knew how much we needed this addition until we had it!

From the beautiful, tranquil sound of the water to the enjoyment of watching the kids feed the Koi fish. The addition of all the cool plantings is also a plus! From what was “backyard ugly” turned into “backyard spectacular” thanks to all the talent at Land Steward Enhancements!

Bill and Laura N.

Fond du Lac, WI