Welcome to Willow Wood Acres

Garden Center and Landscape Supplies

Located at N5947 Willow Road, Plymouth WI. 920.893.9908


Organic Nursury

We pride ourselves on being a 100% Organic Nursery and Garden Center.

Using all natural treatments for Insect and Disease Control.

Providing you with the healthiest flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs available.

Protecting our environment from harmful chemicals and compounds.


Garden Center

White Cross Farms Organic potting mix and compost.

Topsoil, Gravel and Decorative Stone.

Multiple varieties of mulch, seeds, fertilizers and treatments.

Unique garden and landscape decorative items.


Free On The Spot Design

Our very own popular, fun program curtailed to the DIY landscaper who needs some help.

Bring in your pictures and measurements.

We will help choose the best plants and materials for your project.

Designing a layout for proper visualization, growth and maintenance.

Visit us to help plan your next outdoor project.


Full Line of Organic Treatments, Fertilizers and Plant Food

Insect and Slug Treatments


Bone Meal

Acid Treatments

Kelp Meal

And More…


Our own special in house blends of Garden Compost, Vermicompost and Potting Mixes

Great soil builders and fertilizers. Adding fertility, organic matter and micronutrients to the soil. we’ll help you choose the perfect additions to your planting areas.


Extensive varieties of Flowers, Bushes and Trees to add life and color to your home or business.

We stock and grow a large assortment of organically fed and treated plants to ensure you have multiple choices when completing your next landscaping project or garden.


Complete Line of Landscaping Material for every project.

Pickup or delivery of all materials 7 days a week during normal business hours

Please check weight limits on trailers and vehicles before pickups.

Measure your project areas length, width & height. We will help calculate how much material you need.


Walkway and Patio Stone

Chilton and Fond Du Lac Stepper Stone

Chilton and Fond Du Lac Wall Stone

Cherryland Steppers

Chilton Border Strips

Multiple Varieties Available


Decorative & Construction Stone

3/4-1” River Rock

3/4” Washed Stone

Road Gravel

Pea Gravel

Cobble Stone(multiple sizes)

Multiple Varieties and sizes Available


Decorative Mulches

Shredded Hardwood Bark

Cedar Mulch

Dyed Chocolate Mulch

Dyed Red Mulch

Dyed Black Mulch

Grass Pic.jpg

Professional Grass Seed

Madison Parks

Wear & Tear


Topsoil Pic.jpg

Topsoil and Compost

Pulverized Topsoil

Raw Topsoil


Topsoil/Compost Mix


Landscape Materials

Landscape Fabric

Landscape Fabric Anchoring Pins

Erosion Control Blankets & Mulch

Straw Bales

Paver Edging & Spikes

Mason Sand

And much more available…

  • Firewood

Seasoned Mixed Hardwood

Sold in multiple quantities. Delivery and Stacking Available. Charges Apply.

  • Per Piece. Bobcat Scoop(50pc). Half Cord(180pc). Full Cord(360pc).